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Monday, November 28, 2005

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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Projected Winners

This post is going to be on top all night, check below for updates. Here is our current list of projected winners.

58 Republicans (-2)
39 Democrats (+1)
3 Independents (+1)

1st District- Terry Kilgore
2nd District- Bud Phillips
3rd District- Jackie Stump
4th District- Joe Johnson

5th District- Bill Carrico
6th District- Anne Crockett- Stark (Pickup)
7th District- Dave Nutter
8th District- Morgan Griffith
9th District- Allen Dudley

10th District- Ward Armstrong
11th District- Onzlee Ware
12th District- Jim Shuler

13th District- Bob Marshall
14th District- Danny Marshall
15th District- Craig Gilbert
16th District- Robert Hurt

17th District- Bill Fralin
18th District- Clay Athey

19th District- Lacey Putney
20th District- Chris Saxman
21st District- John Welch
22nd District- Kathy Byron
23rd District- Preston Bryant
24th District- Ben Cline
25th District- Steve Landes
26th District- Matt Lohr
27th District- Sam Nixon
28th District- Bill Howell
29th District- Beverly Sherwood
30th District- Ed Scott
31st District- Scott Lingamfelter
32nd District- David Poisson (Pickup)
33rd District- Joe May
34th District- Vince Callahan
35th District- Steve Shannon
36th Distict- Ken Plum
37th District- David Bulova
38th District- Bob Hull

39th District- Vivian Watts
40th District- Tim Hugo
41st District- David Marsden (pickup)
42nd District- Dave Albo
43rd District- Mark Sickles
44th District- Kris Amundson
45th District- David Englin

46th District- Brian Moran
47th District- Al Eisenberg
48th District- Bob Brink
49th District- Adam Ebbin
50th District- Harry Parrish
51st District- Michelle McQuigg
52nd District- Jeff Frederick
53rd District- Jim Scott

54th District- Bobby Orrock
55th District- Frank Hargrove

56th District- Bill Janis
57th District- David Toscano
58th District- Rob Bell
59th District- Watkins Abbitt
60th District- Clarke Hogan
61st District- Thomas Wright
62nd District- Riley Ingram
63rd District- Roslyn Dance
64th District- William Barlow
65th District- Lee Ware
66th District- Kirk Cox
67th District- Chuck Caputo (Pickup)
68th District- Katherine Waddell (Pickup)
69th District- Frank Hall
70th District- Dwight Jones
71st District- Jennifer McClellan

72nd District- Jack Reid
73rd District- John O'Bannon
74th District- Donald McEachin
75th District- Roslyn Tyler
76th District- Chris Jones
77th District- Lionnell Spruill
78th District- John Cosgrove
79th District- Johnny Joannou
80th District- Ken Melvin

81st District- Terri Suit
82nd District- Bob Purkey
83rd District- Leo Wardrup
84th District- Sal Iaquinto
85th District- Bob Tata
86th District- Tom Rust
87th District- Paula Miller
88th District- Mark Cole
89th District- Kenny Alexander
90th District- Algie Howell
91st District- Tom Gear
92nd District- Jeion Ward

93rd District- Phillip Hamilton
94th District- Glenn Odor
95th District- Mamie Bacote
96th District- Melanie Rapp
97th District- Ryan McDougle
98th District- Harvey Morgan
99th District- Rob Wittman (Pickup)
100th District- Lynwood Lewis

Creigh Deeds Wins- NOT!

Creigh Deeds is down about 11,000 now, but with precincts in Richmond, Norfolk and Fairfax County's record absentee count still waiting to report, he looks to have been elected. Henrico still has some out, but they are mostly in Varina, a swing area that Bob McDonnell shouldn't win by a large margin.

I could be wrong on this, but thats my take from what is out there.

UPDATE: McDonnell had a damned impressive showing in Hanover to retake the lead. Creigh will end up about 2,000 short.

Bob McDonnell will be your next AG, machine recounts won't change anything at all.

Lt. Governor

We are now ready to project Bill Bolling as the winner, defeating Leslie Byrne

This was a GOP pickup.

52nd District

This one may go to a recount, but it appears Jeff Frederick will narrowly defeat Hilda Barg

This one could change if Hilda does really well in absentees

32nd District

David Poisson defeats incumbent Dick Black

75th District

Roslyn Tyler defeats Carson Saunders in the 75th district in a very close election.

68th District STUNNER

Katherine Waddell unseats Brad Marrs by 44 votes, waiting for confirmation on this one.


87th District

Paula Miller defeats Michael Ball to retain her seat

9th District

After a great fight, and winning Franklin County, Eric Ferguson has fallen short. We can now project Allen Dudley as the winner.

84th District

Sal Ianquinto defeats Supriya Christopher for the open 84th district

6th District

Anne Crockett-Stark has defeated incumbent Benny Keister for a GOP pickup

26th District

We can now project Matt Lohr has defeated Lowell Fulk

42nd District

All precincts reporting, Dave Albo wins 52-48% over Greg Werkheiser

Governor's Race

We ar enow ready to project Tim Kaine as the winner, defeating Jerry Kilgore

41st District

We are now ready to project David Marsden as the winner, defeating Michael Golden

67th District

We can now project Chuck Caputo as the winner defeating Chris Craddock for a Democratic pickup.

37th District

We can now project David Bulova as the winner, defeating John Mason.

Hampton Roads

Turnout is low for both parties here. This is killing Bob McDonnell who is getting a good percentage, but not a big margin. McDonnell needs this to change in the next 45 minutes if he is going to beat Creigh Deeds.

The low turnout puts a big question mark on the Paula Miller- Michael Ball race. We assume Miller is pulling through, but anything can happen with turnout this low.

Tom Davis moves in

42nd District: Toss Up

Tom Davis has sent every one of his operatives to try to save Dave Albo. This race with Greg Werkheiser is a tossup, and this is where Tom is drawing a line in the sand. If this one goes Dem, the GOP could lose 4 seats in the 11th District alone.

52nd District Update

New Outlook: Toss Up

This was the hottest race earlier in the year, but Jeff Frederick's campaign outran Hilda Barg and seemed to take the lead over the summer. What's going on in Northern Virginia today has blown all that work out the window. This election is going to depend on the Kaine margin in the 52nd.


The numbers now look good for Tim Kaine, Leslie Byrne and Creigh Deeds.

There is still plenty of time, but Northern Virginia is coming back ridiculous right now, and that is a problem for all 3 GOP candidates.

Turnout is a little light in Richmond, but its hard to tell which side is not turning out.

Right now on the Dem side- White Dem targeted voters have higher turnout then African American Dem targets. At 3 p.m. 51% of White Democratic targets had voted, while 46% of Black Dem targets had voted.

If this race is close the statewides will need more African American turnout but many of the competitive house districts are set in areas without a heavy minority population. So the House Dems may be getting a bigger boost then they would otherwise with the White Dem targets coming out in large numbers.

41st District Update

Outlook: Slight-Lean Democratic

The big Democratic turnout machine seems to have put Dave Marsden into a lead over Michael Golden. This one isn't over yet, but it will be if Michael doesn't get some help from turnout for Jerry Kilgore.

In waves, the best person doesn't always win.

67th Projection

Chris Craddock's father in law is saying this could be as bad as a 3-1 loss. In addition, we are hearing Chuck Caputo is doing very well at some strong GOP precincts.

New Outlook: Leans Democratic (Pickup)



News 7 has received calls from several voters in at least four different precincts who say their votes for Tim Kaine were not recorded or took several attempts to go through.

They contend the electronic touch screens repeatedly indicated they were voting for Republican candidate Jerry Kilgore instead of registering their intended vote for his Democratic opponent Tim Kaine.

Roanoke Co. Registrar Judy Stokes says she doesn't want to say the problem is operator error on the part of the voters, but she points out the touch screens are sensitive. She says anyone who is having difficulty voting should ask one of the poll workers for assistance.

State election officials have been told of the problem. They believe if there is a problem, it could have been caused by the way the machines were stored.

The Kaine compaign is reportedly watching the situation in Roanoke County

3:30 Update

Here's what we know.

Turnout in NOVA is much higher in precincts with contested House of Delegates races. It's hard to tell what that means for the statewide electorate.

Turnout is looking very good for Lowell Fulk in his race in the 26th district against Matt Lohr. Could he pull off the upset?

What are you hearing?

Typepad Crashes

We are back up on our old site. Check here for election coverage.

UPDATE: 2:45- everything is now up and going on here, comments are now open.


Here's what we are hearing:

The 67th District is having a large minority turnout. This could be in response to the "Africans will have sex with anything with a pulse" quote.

Inside Republicans are calling this race for Chuck Caputo. Chris Craddock shouldn't be counted out yet though- and he is showing his brass by standing at Waples Mill Elem. school so far today- the home of Caputo and Gary Reese. Craddock also has a better effort on the ground.

The 68th turnout is higher in Chesterfield then Richmond City, which benefits Brad Marrs over Katherine Waddell. But Richmond City turnout usually picks up around 3 p.m., so don't read too much into that yet.

Republicans are abuzz that Dick Black could be finished. Kaine is doing well there, and that is squeezing Black hard, and might just hand David Poisson an upset victory.

Turnout in SW Virginia is strong, Jerry Kilgore must be pleased with that. Northern Virginia is also strong, Tim Kaine must be pleased with that.