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Monday, July 04, 2005

7th District

Outlook: Safe Republican

On paper this should be the closest race in Southwest Virginia. But Republicans have a very strong incumbent in Dave Nutter, who unseated Delegate Jim Shuler in 2001. When Creigh Deeds moved up to the State Senate, Shuler moved and took that seat to return to Richmond.

This year the Democrats have nominated Barbara Chrisley, who was the GOP candidate in the 6th District against Benny Keister in 1999. That seat had been GOP held, and in the open seat race Chrisley lost it by almost 20 points. If you are confused- call Speaker Howell- this is all messed up from the last redistricting, nobody is in the right districts anymore!

While on it's face this district could be home to a great battle it's not going to happen this year. Instead Babs is going to find out that it wasn't party affiliation that caused the voters to reject her in 1999.

With 81 seats now projected the House is:
50 GOP
29 Dem
2 Ind


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babs, i love it

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July 4th open thread. Do it now.


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