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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Roanoke Delegates

Roanoke used to host some of the most exciting Delegate races in the state. No more. The Democrats are stuffed into the 11th District, the Republicans are in the 8th and the 17th. The 8th is Majority Leader Griffith, we have already called him as a winner.

The 17th District which includes Republican leaning neighborhoods in Roanoke City and County, is represented by William Fralin. This one looked like it would be a real election after Fralin helped lead the charge for last years budget. Conservatives vowed to get a primary challenger. It never happened, and Fralin is coming back for another 2 years.

The 11th District which includes Democratic leaning neighborhoods in Roanoke City and County is represented by Onzlee Ware. A Vice Chair of the Virginia Democratic Party, Ware won the seat in 2003 by winning the Democratic Primary. He'll keep winning it for many years unless her draws a primary challenge.


At 4:27 PM, Anonymous Roanoker said...

I was honestly suprised Onzlee won. I thought Shepard was going to take him out in 03.


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