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Friday, May 27, 2005

45th District Update

First, goodbye jim has deleted its post about meeting up for Englin. Apparently another candidate began linking to it to drive voters away from Englin. Now there is another post telling people why Moran supporters are for Englin. I'm sure it helps Englin to have it down, but it would have been better for him if it never existed in the first place. Everyone can see right through the second post also, so that isn't doing much for him either.

Another issue we touched on here- were Van Landingham's comments to the Arlington Connection intentional? Did she really mean to lay into everyone running for her seat?

Apparently the answer is Yes, and she went back on the attack in the Washington Post this morning.

This time it was a solo effort right at David Englin.

Van Landingham also voiced the criticism of some party insiders who see Englin as a pushy upstart. Englin and his wife, Shayna, a public relations manager, moved to Alexandria two years ago. He led a local group of veterans working for the presidential campaign of Sen. John F. Kerry (D-Mass).

"Englin is working very, very hard, but he's done nothing except for the presidential campaign last fall," Van Landingham said. "In Alexandria and Arlington, you need to have done something for the community beforehand."

Now that it is clear Marian is going to try to defeat David Englin, it's time for him to step up and offer a comment to these attacks. I would be surprised if the Englin's choose to ignore them, like John Kerry ignored the swift boat attacks...

Another point in the article was some strange campaign tactics:

"Others have tried offbeat approaches. Mandala, who chairs Alexandria's commission on women, sent out a news release touting herself as the candidate for "dog owners' rights."

Ahem. That would explain why the rumors are so persistent about Mandala being a bitch. Or maybe this does....

An Email Source tells us

Mandala's mail is on the street! In her latest piece she attacks David Englin for only living here two years instead of her "15 years in the community" (i.e. not in the district).

We find this to be unbelievable! Englin was in the Air Force serving his country. He was in the Pentagon on September 11th. Now, some woman who's campaign issue is dog rights is going to attack him for serving his country?!?!?! WHAT!?!?!? If a candidate is 30, and has served in the military, does anyone expect him to have lived in his current home a long time? Of course not.

In our opinion that kind of attack on America disqualifies a candidate from office.


At 6:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go Larry!!!!!!!

At 8:29 PM, Anonymous Genevieve said...

Great one, NLS! And, um... at least David did not move into the 45th for the sole purpose of running, unlike a certain other candidate.

" but he's done nothing except for the presidential campaign last fall"

Hey, that sounds familiar...Oh wait! I said that, except with feminine pronouns, about Marian. (well, somthing similar... I kinda wasn't around when she first ran). Because she totally refused to even listen to myself and an ex-school board member/aide to Alexandria mayor about special education. Said it wasn't her problem. (even though it is, because the jurisdiction goes: local, state, federal, much like everything else in gov't)

Aww.. Don't you get such a warm, fuzzy feeling when people like Marian give back to the community? Brings a tear to my eyes.

At 8:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So serving in the Pentagon on September 11 isn't serving the community? Sheesh. How obnoxious.

At 8:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oops - forgot to mention. Has anyone noticed the obvious contradiction in what Van Landingham is saying about Englin? First she complains that David supported Andy Rosenberg in the Congressional primary; then she complains he's never done anything except in the fall Presidential race. She could at least be internally consistent with her digs on him.

At 8:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Others have tried offbeat approaches. Mandala, who chairs Alexandria's commission on women, sent out a news release touting herself as the candidate for "dog owners' rights."

Any chance that someone has this and can post it?

At 9:12 AM, Anonymous Freddie said...

Experience in the community is important for whether someone would be a good office holder. Recently moving into the community is a valid criticism.

At 9:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Freddie: Arguably, but Laura isn't the one to make it. She has lived in the district for three months.

At 9:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The mail I got from Laura said her un-named victim has lived here about a year. If David is her target, I know for a fact he's lived here at least two years, since he was already here when I got here. I also know how active and involved he's been in the community during those two years. Time in the community and involvement in the community are not the same thing. (And let's not forget that Laura lives in the 46th and is renting in Parkfairfax just so she can run! Is that even legal?)

I got Laura's mail the same time as a new mailing from David. His was overwhelmingly positive and shows how many different kinds of people in the community support him, including people who have lived here for decades. I'll take that over snarky Laura any day.

In any case, I like David because of his ideas and his vision for the future of the party, which is what we'll need to take back Virginia. He's the only one doing any serious party building, and he's the only one willing to break free from the stayed old losing ways of the past.

At 6:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anyone get the feeling that all of this is just sillyness...seem to me like David's going to win in a walk.

At 7:17 PM, Anonymous G-eve said...

Couldn't find anything about the dog owners rights for Mandala, but the Virginia Hunting Dog Owner's Association endorsed Libby.

At 9:28 PM, Blogger Shayna Englin said...

I'd be lying if I said Marian's comments weren't hurtful and at least a little bit surprising.

Last September David and I put together our precinct's first ever precinct organizing event to recruit activists for the November elections and new members for the Alexandria Democratic Committee. We flyered the neighborhood, called through whatever lists we could find, and turned out about 20 brand new people on a rainy night. Every single one of them ended up volunteering for the Party before November 2nd. About two thirds of them came to the January ADC meeting to become members. At our precinct party, Marian stood before the assembled folks and said that David and I were exactly what the Democratic Party needed. She said that in her years in office she had never seen a precinct event like that, and that she was thrilled to see the kind of organizing we were doing.

It's perplexing and hurtful that she's changed her mind and decided that she'd throw her weight into the race against David.

But change is always hard. And David and I definitely represent change. I give Marian and others the benefit of the doubt; it is always very difficult for one generation of leaders to pass the baton to the next generation. I have no doubt that that's how the "powers that be" see what David's asking for, and I have no doubt that it makes them uncomfortable and nervous.

I also have no doubt that it is exactly what the Democratic Party needs. We have got to learn from what Republicans have done over the past several decades and use our safe seats strategically. We must use our safe seats to groom the next generation of leaders, not reward the current and former generations. We have got to change how we do things if we're going to take back Virginia...and ultimately America. (I've posted about this on the campaign blog here )

The dozens of volunteers, ranging in age from 16 to 80+, who turn out week after week to pound the pavement and sit on the phones see it. The organizations focused on building the base of the Democratic Party see it - Generation Election, Arlington/Alexandria for Democracy, and 2020 Democrats have all endorsed David, along with the National Social Workers of America, Virginia Chapter. The district's religious leaders, Rev. Lee Earl, Rev. Bert Ransom, Rev. Carla Thompson, Rabbi Brett Isserow, and Rabbi Jack Moline all see it. And I believe the voters see it and will vote for David on June 14th.

Marian was right back in September. David's biography, policy expertise, leadership experience, and ability and commitment to earning it the hard way - through grassroots organizing to build the party - is exactly what the Democratic Party here in Alexandria, Arlington, and Fairfax needs right now.

Re: Laura's hit: A better criticism of David's background would be something like Howard Metzenbaum's famous criticism of John Glenn - David's done nothing but public service with his adult life. I think Laura's hit piece speaks for itself, and says much more about her than it does about David. We're proud of the positive, issues-based, forward focused campaign we're running, and that's the strategy we're sticking with.

Oh, and Anonymous 6PM: I can tell you that when we win, it will not be in a walk. It will be close, and it will have been incredibly hard fought. But I do appreciate the vote of confidence! :-)

At 9:49 PM, Blogger Not Larry Sabato said...

Thanks for responding Shayna

At 10:40 PM, Anonymous Charlie Fletcher said...

I have been an Englin fan since March. They were running then the type of campaign that most hacks would drool over, and that was just spring training for what my friends in the district are telling me about what is now happening.

I too am disheartened by attacks on David's short time in the district. I realized a short time ago that my days on this earth outnumber the days I have left. Having lived in the same small, but changing, community most of my life, I remember a time when newcomers were threatening to me too. I then discovered that they are not descending on my community to take over, but rather attempting to build the best possible life for themselves and being good Democrats, for others around them as well.

Then there is young Englin. He has served his country and now wants to serve his community. Sure he could wait idly for 10 years for the old timers to accept him and give him a little power. Then he could start from there. Instead he is invigorating young and old alike by giving people a message, a goal, and a means to achieve it. At best the others in this race give a message. I'm not convinced that message is anything other than elect me. Ten years from now, I think we'll see that message permeating the discussion well outside the beltway, that goal achieved two or three times over, and those means replicating well beyond the 45th and perhaps Virginia---if the wise voters in the 45th primary decide that working towards the future is more important than rewarding the status quo if the past.

It also helps to Young Englin has a pistol at his side. One that seems to get it, at a point far earlier in life than I ever did.

Now, since this blog seems to focus on the perceptions of the day rather than the substance of the time, I'll add fuel to the fire.

Rumor has it that that gal Garvey is about to start sending her own mail. Can she stay above the fray ie. Mandala and speak to her qualifications and offer her own unique message?

With pretty paper hitting mailboxes for Englin, Lay, Mosqeuda and Mandala, who will be the one to offer a message that resonates and cuts through the noise?

My bet is on the only one who has done it all year long.

Once again, I ask someone to prove me wrong.

At 11:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 12:05 AM, Blogger David Englin said...


Thank you sincerely for your wonderful endorsement of my campaign and my vision for the future. Shayna and I are committed to building the grassroots, building the party, and empowering others to fight for progressive policies that will make a real difference in people's lives. We've been blessed with an amazing team of staff and volunteers who share and embrace that commitment. As Shayna noted, change can be hard for some, but I'm convinced that empowering regular people to fight for change will move us closer to the kind of world we want to pass on to our children.



PS - To Anonymous: If you're going to call my wife names, you should have the guts to identify yourself and stand behind your attack. Shayna would be an amazing candidate for any office she chose to seek. Unfortunately, she's not interested. In any case, if you think I enjoy being away from Shayna and Caleb, you don't know us very well at all.

At 12:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I still maintain that Englin's going to win in a there anybody who actually gets excited about the other candidates? He may break 50%...

At 10:20 PM, Blogger Politicl.Animal said...

Stephen Davis, who is working for the Englin campaign, is a good friend and was a mentor to me here in Harrisonburg before he received his graduate degree last May and left, eventually working on Al Weed's congressional campaign. He is smart, dedicated, and committed to building a better Democratic Party at the local level.

My money is that the strength of the Englin campaign (see Charlie's post) is due to Stephen's presence. Once Englin wins, people should get in line to hire this guy. He's gold.

At 9:03 AM, Blogger Not Larry Sabato said...

I don't know him, but there is no question a good manager can have a big impact in small district, like a House seat.

At 9:40 AM, Blogger Shayna Englin said...

Political Animal: We agree - Stephen is the bomb. After June 14th I'd hope and expect that general election campaigns across the state will be knocking down his door.

We've been incredibly lucky to have amazingly talented and experienced people lend their time, energy, and expertise to the campaign. We owe them, and our awesome volunteers, a huge debt of gratitude.

At 3:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the anonymous person attacking Shayna, you are pitiful! Some people are so threatened by an intelligent woman. Shayna is smart, opinionated, hardworking and involved. Bright people like me (and David Englin) actually dig folks with those qualities. We don't even freak out when they show up in a female. It is only hate-filled, loser types who find strong women threatening. BTW, I hope Shayna does run for something someday. I'd vote for her in a heartbeat.

P.S. Could you please tell us who you support in this race? My vote is already going to Englin, but it would be interesting to see which candidate attracts such mean spirited people as yourself.

At 3:26 PM, Blogger Politicl.Animal said...

Stephen Davis update ... he has just been hired by the Virginia Young Democrats as the state director for the Young Voter Coordinated Campaign.

So to all those candidates looking for a great manager, sorry, we grabbed him first.

But federal candidates should call now for 2006 ...


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